Pipe Joint System


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Pipe & Joint System | Multitube.nl

Pipe joint is system is a smart, dynamic and flexible modular assembly system consisting of plastic coated steel pipes and metal joints. The system is so flexible that it can be made into various types of racks, trolleys, workstations and gravity flowracks.

Applications Pipe Joint System

The pipe and joint system is based on the philosophy of I design, I build, I use. The system is easy to design and assemble. The system can be used for a wide variety of applications, a few of these applications are shown here. There are endless possibilities for the use of this system, all it takes is a little imagination.

Typical Applications:

Workstations - for general assembly, automotive and electronic component manufacturing, work benches, checking & inspection tables and packing tables.

Flowracks - static and mobile flowracks, FIFO systems, Picking systems & industrial racks.

Trolleys - picking trolleys, transport carts, tool trolleys & warehouse trolleys.

Benefits of pipe & joint system

The pipe joint system is a smart, dynamic and flexible system which can be suited for numerous applications. It can be into various types of racks, trolleys, production cell tables and flow racks. Our pipe joint system has the following advantages.

  • Easy to handle components: made of light weight materials.

  • Simple assembly without requiring any special tools or skills.

  • Fully flexible and versatile system.

  • Simple to disassemble - high reusability of the system.

  • Completely maintenance free system.

  • Any mistakes committed during assembly can be easily corrected.

  • No welding is required which makes the system easy to assemble and safe to use.

  • Clean and durable with elegant finish


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Pipe Joint System Components

Steel pipe with PP coating

The pipes of the system have a diameter of 28 mm. The pipe is made by a steel pipe with an internal anti-rust coating and an external bonding of PP. An option of antistatic black external coating is also available.

The external coating creates a beautiful finish, optimizes the strength of the steel pipe, increases the clamping force of the joints and protects the products from contamination. The resin used for coating has excellent durability, impact resistance and is light weight.

The standard thickness for general applications range is 1.0 mm for standard structures and 2.0 mm pipe for heavy duty applications.

Stainless Steel Pipe

In places with frequent spillage of solvent, cutting oil and other greasy materials chemical reactions with the resin coating of PP pipe is a threat. Under such conditions it is advisable to use Stainless steel pipe. The pipe pipe is made by treatment of Nitrogen, Carbon & oxygen with the external surface of the steel pipe giving a brightly finished surface.

Joints and brackets

A wide variety of ideas and shapes can be realised with the help of the range of joints. The joints connect the pipes and are available in configurations: angled, parallel & hinged. With very little effort pipes can be clamped with these joints using only a simple allen key. The joints are available with zinc coating.

Roller tracks/ Roller Placons for pipe joint system

Our roller placons are formed from galvanised steel frame, so as to resist twisting and provide a solid axis for efficient material flow. The rollers are durable and well suited for different loading conditions.